enchanted forest

ah!  enchanted forest.  my personal favorite nw park (although silverwood is right behind it).   the lush green forest combined with some of the most unique rides on the planet and a staff that rivals disneyland for friendliness.  there were 23 wild ones in attendance for the day and it was a lot of fun.

oh the horror!   Johnny Rio is gone!  Apparently some No-Good varmint finally trimmed his sideburns and sent him to that big round-up in the sky.  In his place however, is Honest Abe.  You can get your picture taken with him.  Micah dressed up in a civil war uniform and took care of some Rebels.  On the right, Micah races Tammie and Sloopy down the shoe slide.

Micah goes down the witch slide

Steve, Amy, and Emma Martin come out of the Crooked House

Micah and Rebecca enjoy the 3rd best bumper cars in Oregon (Unless there's a 4th set somewhere I don't know about; then these would be considered the 4th best; if there happens to be 5 bumper cars in the state, these would probably be moved down to the #5 spot.  They're not that great.) 

Micah, Aaron, and Eber peaked out from the Indian Caves.  These things are really cool inside and I highly recommend everyone check them out at the park.  If you don't mind hurting your knees, you can even crawl through a secret passage under the pathway outside and come up inside the giant teepee on the other side.

Micah and Jasmine on the Frog Hopper

Of course we rode Ice Mountain Bobsleds quite a few times throughout the day.  It's one of the coolest coasters on the planet.

Big Timber Log Ride is a great log flume and (attention credit whores) turns into a rollercoaster for a little bit.   Here's Aaron with Rebecca and Abby.

Tammie rides along with Uncle Jim and Aunt Lynette on Big Timber.  See how I put all the pictures together and made like a little sequence thingie?  Pretty cool huh?

While there, we watched our first (and possibly last) Enchanted Forest play of the Princess and the Pea.   That's all I got to say about that.


My cousin Jessica's boy RJ looooved the bumper boats.  He probably rode them 10 times.  The girl running the boats was really good with the kids, pushing them around and having fun with them.   I think it was Allison Hannigan from American Pie/Buffy the Vampire Slayer.   (Looked like her anyway.)

One of the the real treasures at Enchanted Forest for me is the Fantasy Fountains show.  It's just a nice, very relaxing show.  Here's Micah getting an up close and personal look at it.  

Challenge of Mondor, the new interactive dark ride.  The theming is unbelievable.  From the outside to the inside it all works great.  The ride is trackless and has several places where it spins around.  At one point it travels into a throne room spins around and comes back out.  The target shooting is also really fun and the park keeps track of the highest score of the day and the highest ever.  This ride rounds out the park's collection very well.  Out of the 6 or so interactive dark rides we've ridden, this is my favorite.  GET TO ENCHANTED FOREST AND RIDE IT!!!!

on Monday we drove home.   On the way we stopped at Mt St Helens.  The top of the peak was covered in clouds (sound familiar Ed?) so we didn't get to see it too well.  We did see a beautiful eagle soaring around and a herd of elk way down in the valley below.  On the right is the "Little Grand Canyon of the Toutle River".  This entire canyon system was carved in 8 hours one night.  It is over 100 feet deep in some places.  Pretty amazing!
St Helens is in Skamania County where it is a $10,000 fine to shoot a Sasquatch! You can almost see the top of the mountain here.
We also stopped at the Weyerhauser forest center.  It has a cool volcano slide and lots of fun stuff inside.  It's all free, so if you ever go to St Helens, you should check it out. Micah "erupts" out of the top of the slide

That's the end of the trip.  It was a good time.  Thanks to everyone who came along.

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