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Riverfront Park is in Spokane, WA on the corner of Lincoln Street and Spokane Falls Blvd.

The famous Riverfront Park clock tower.

Riverfront Park in Spokane isn't really an amusement park.  It is a city park that happens to have some rides.  Imagine the Seattle Center in a beautiful grassy environment. The major rides are a 1909 Loopf carousel that lets you grab for the brass ring, a "train" ride around the park, and a sky tram over Spokane Falls.  The park was originally the site of the Worlds Fair.


During the summer, this area has a number of amusement rides including the Dragon Coaster.   During the winter this is one of the best outdoor ice skating rinks around.


The Loopf carousel on the left. To the right is the park's Ferris Wheel.

Our fearless club leader feeding one of the park's many geese.

This 45 minute train ride takes you all around the park.  You see all the rides, gardens, and attractions the park has to offer.


This giant Radio Flyer wagon is also a slide.


Micah says "peek-a-boo".  This is a metal sculpture of the American flag.  Right next to it was a Canadian version.

The sky tram takes you over beautiful Spokane Falls.  During the summer, the falls are a mere trickle, but in the winter the river roars down the face of the rocks.